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SolarWinds Inc. develops and markets enterprise information technology infrastructure management software to IT professionals.


Network Performance Monitor

  • Simplifies detection, diagnosis, & resolution of network issues before outages occur.
  • Tracks response time, availability, & uptime of routers, switches, & other SNMP-enabled devices.
  • Shows performance statistics in real time via dynamic, drillable network maps.
  • Includes out-of-the-box dashboards, alerts, reports, & expert guidance on what to monitor & how.
  • Automatically discovers SNMP-enabled network devices & typically deploys in less than an hour

Orion NPM Datasheet  Download 30 day trial  Interactive Demo


Server & Application Monitor

  • Application Monitoring for all components – servers, virtual layer, and applications such as SQL Server®, Exchange, and Active Directory®
  • Easily customize alerts, reports, and dashboards for your enterprise-wide needs
  • Use baseline to compare application performance and alert when apps start having issues
  • Great value for money – monitoring, reporting, alerting, and asset inventory in one product
  • Easy server monitoring software for collaborating across server, Web, database, and application teams

Server & Application Monitor Datasheet  Download 30 day trial  Interactive Demo


NetFlow Traffic Analyzer Module

  • Monitors network bandwidth & traffic patterns down to the interface level
  • Identifies which users, applications, & protocols are consuming the most bandwidth
  • Highlights the IP addresses of top talkers and stores & displays flow data with up to one minute granularity
  • Analyzes Cisco® NetFlow, Juniper® J-Flow, IPFIX, sFlow®, Huawei NetStream™ & other flow data

NetFlow Traffic Analyzer Datasheet  Download 30 day trial  Interactive Demo


Virtualization Manager

  • Real-time dashboards simplify identification & troubleshooting of performance, capacity & configuration problems
  • Identifies VM sprawl, helps you reclaim & optimize space, and reduces licensing costs
  • Integration with Server & Application Monitor provides complete visibility of the application stack – from app to VM to datastore
  • All the functionality & more of other leading virtualization management tools – at a fraction of the cost

Virtualization Manager Datasheet  Download 30 day trial  Interactive Demo