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Quantum Corporation is a manufacturer of tape drive, tape automation, and disk-based data deduplication backup, recovery and deduplication storage products for physical, virtual and cloud environments. The product range also includes scalable file storage systems and archive software and appliances for managing data. QuantumProductFamily


Disk Backup Systems (DXi)

  • Reduce Disk needs by 90%

  • Shorten Backup Windows

  • Improve Restore SLAs

  • Reduce Backup Costs

Every company has important data to back up and retain, but consistently meeting backup and restore SLAs continues to be a challenge. And although disaster recovery is more important than ever, no one has time or money to waste, especially these days.

The DXi-series of deduplication appliances leverages our patented variable-length data deduplication technology to reduce typical disk requirements by 90 percent or more and cut your overall backup costs.

The ability to replicate between DXi's or to the cloud means you can make disaster recovery viable for any site within your organization. Best of all, the DXi-Series integrates easily into your existing backup infrastructure, works with your current backup applications, including Symantec's OpenStorage (OST) API and support for advanced features like NBU AIR and GRT.

Download DXi Technical Brief  


Intelligent Tape Libraries (Scalar)

Companies are faced with massive data growth and the need to store that data for longer periods of time whether for compliance reasons to because the data continues to have value. These companies need a cost-effective, reliable, and easy-to-manage solution with options to scale from TB's up to many PB's.

Scalar libraries are the intelligent choice for archiving applications and long-term data retention. Proactive and automated monitoring and management reduces administration time and service interruptions keeping IT staff focused on key business objectives. With ease of management, industry leading performance, reliability and scalability, it’s easy to see why Quantum is the market share leader in tape automation.


Scalar i500 Datasheet  Scalar i40/i80 Datasheet


Business-Class Cloud Based Data Protection Solution

Many cloud storage solutions are primarily consumer-oriented services that do not provide the security, service, or performance businesses need.

Or, they may not work with your existing infrastructure, requiring a complete rip and replace strategy.

Amidata Backup as a Service DXi provides the following:

  • Business-Class Cloud: Simplify backup and disaster recovery for physical and virtual environments.
  • Cost Efficiency: Business-Class data protection at consumer pricing.
  • Simple Integration: Integrates seamlessly with your existing solution with no modification required
  • Peace of Mind: Security, simplicity, and reliability businesses require
  • Lower Risk: Protect more of your data and for longer time