365Protect - Office 365 Backup

Outlook, Sharepoint and Onedrive protection

For as little as $3.65* a month per user.

Amidata, powered by Veeam and Alibaba Cloud deliver:

Protection of your Office 365 data against accidental deletion, security threats and retention policy gaps

Sharepoint & Onedrive Backup

Quick restore of items with total recovery flexibility

Compliance fulfillment with efficient ediscovery of Office365 Archives.

Archive your 365 to preserve your data

Starting from $3.65ex GST per user per month

Looking for licensing? Amidata are Veeam experts

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Microsoft takes care of the infrastructure, but the data remains your responsibility.

Office 365 backup graphic

How does your trial offer work?

Our trial offer provides 365Protect backup for 10 Mailboxes for 30 days.

We will require you to provide an Office 365 account for us to use to establish backup services and your 10 nominated accounts.

From here we will have you up and running on our service in a matter of minutes.

At the end of 30 days, you can keep your backup running at $3.65 per user per month (ex GST) or we can delete your backup from our system.

* What are your pricing options?

Our plans start from $3.65 ex GST per user per month. This includes backup for up to 50GB of outlook mailbox data. Sharepoint and Onedrive is based on consumption from $85.00 ex GST per TB per Month

What are my restore target options?

There are multiple restore options. The diagram below is a sample of what is possible

Recovery options 365

Where does my data reside?

Your data is stored securely in our private Veeam instance in Sydney.

Can you backup Sharepoint and Onedrive?

Yes, we can backup Sharepoint and Onedrive. This is priced on a consumption basis of $85/TB/Month ex GST.

Do you offer a tape out option?

Tape out is where we periodically write your data to tape if you have compliance or other targets for your data retention. If you wish to know more, complete the enquiry form and one of our specialists will be in contact to talk through this.