Identity & Access

Restrict entry<br>

Control access<br>

Deny intruders

Identity Theft. Hackers. Shadow I.T. It is easy to feel as if it is too hard, too expensive and too time-consuming to address and the bad guys are going to win.

Alternatively, you may try to introduce security controls and find that they impact productivity and staff will just bypass them.

With Amidata’s help, you can deploy systems that can manage identities and provide a simpler and more secure way to manage your important data.

Identity & Access

Amidata collaborates with Okta to deliver identity and access management. Rapid to deploy with a rich feature set we can deliver the controls without the big costs and lengthy deployment times associated.


The proliferation of endpoints, BYOD and mobile devices makes perimeter security a challenge. With advanced threats and ransomware, it is important to stay one step ahead. Amidata partners with Trend Micro to provide the endpoint security you need to protect your business.