Identity & Access

Modern attack tactics mean all apps are critical apps

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Once inside, privilege escalation and lateral movement mean any app is a target

Protecting access to critical apps is no longer enough

Modern and flexible businesses requires a fresh approach to providing access to cloud applications.

If you are looking to know:

  • Who has access to business systems
  • How to ensure user access is activated and deactivated immediately
  • If systems are secured with multi-factor authentication

Then you should contact Amidata on how we do this for businesses today.

Unlike legacy systems that require a large upfront investment and lengthy deployment times, we work with SaaS based platforms that are utility based and can be activated within weeks.

Download the whitepaper to learn more.

How long does this take to deploy?

Unlike identity systems of the past, Amidata can deploy the controls you need in a matter of weeks. This greatly improves your time to value.